by Foie Gras

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"Grant ye to me that I may come before you, I am pure, I am like a god.

I am endowed with a Spirit-soul.

I am strong.

I am endowed with a Heart-soul.

I bring unto you incense, and spice, and natron.

I have done away with the chidings of your mouths. I have come, I have done away the evil which was in your hearts, and I have removed the offences which appertained to you [against me].

I bring to you deeds of well-doing, and I present before you truth.

I know you.

I know your names.

I know your forms which are not known.

I come into being among you.

My coming is like unto that god who eateth men, and who feedeth upon the gods.

I am strong before you even like that god who is exalted upon his pedestal, unto whom the gods come with rejoicing, and the goddesses make supplication when they see me.

I have come unto you. I have ascended my throne like your Two Daughters.

I have taken my seat in the horizon. I receive my offerings of propitiation upon my altars.

I drink my fill of seth wine every evening.

I come to those who are making rejoicings, and the gods who live in the horizon ascribe unto me praises, as the divine Spirit-body, the Lord of mortals.

I am exalted like that holy god who dwelleth in the Great House.

The gods rejoice greatly when they see my beautiful appearances from the body of the goddess Nut, and when the goddess Nut bringeth me forth."


released July 2, 2014

Photo is August Storm by Tria Giovan



all rights reserved


Foie Gras San Francisco, California

"Foie Gras is unabashedly loud and mystic, gentle and soft. Guitar driven, she lives at the intersections of secure drone and reimagined Americana, as if Brian Eno and Patsy Cline have committed themselves to an endless and passionate love affair. Wake up, this is where your daughters have wandered off to." ... more

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here in the dark i am strong
i beat my fists against your chest
and reshape your bones to fit my needs
and i'm not going to eat again
because food only brings me pain
i'm going to be beautiful
my body will float above my bed
held there with rope and like
some summoning ritual from your
you'll trace your fingers around
each of my ribs
and you won't be able to look me in the eye
for weeks
Track Name: Ascetic Vows
Cannot look at my own face
Salted wound
Fragrant, demure
and contorted beyond recognition
Knowing nothing
Out of tune and fuzzy
Lessons Learned
Nodding off
Driving home with my pants down
Track Name: Heart of Darkness (SPARKLEHORSE)
She laid her head on my chest
As the sun burned down the west
There's one thing we still got
This one last dance in this parking lot

Oh yeah, I, I got a heart of darkness
Oh yeah, I, I got a heart of darkness

Then she woke up into the fire
And the flames kept dancing higher
Satan would laugh at her screams
Then she woke up from her dreams

Oh yeah, I, I got a heart of darkness
Oh yeah, I, I got a heart of darkness
Track Name: Wants You In That Way
Driving home after the party
I can’t wait to get there
To fantasize about you
Staring at the ceiling
Clutching your mattress
Choking on your spit
Crying for forgiveness

Cant stop falling not in love
Track Name: The Throat Of The World
I saw my master cry
I saw him wither and die
He left me with his debt
Track Name: Cliffs
Your love leads me to Cliffs
I should be used to this
but I'm so fucking naive

Silence sends me to that edge
I should have stayed in bed
but I thought it was a dream

and this why we can't have nice things
and this is why we destroy everything
and this is why we prolong the suffering

more and more

intimacy looks like hate
all the bruises fade
but the feelings stay the same

maybe one day you'll fly free
but you're ill like me
and someones clipped your wings

and this is why you're always fallings
and this is why it wont stop hurting
and this how you prolong your suffering

more and more

we all want someone there
to show they care
but where the hell were you?

birds circle over my head
I wish I were dead
and I wish you were too

this is why we can't have nice things
this is why I've destroyed my being
and this how you prolong the suffering

more and more