BATE KUSH (2014)

by Foie Gras

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THIS IS NOT A NEW ALBUM! This is an album I uploaded under the name Bad Kisser in 2014. Bad Kisser was the name of my side project but also the name of my friend's band and though they are not active, I'd prefer to merge my music projects into one for the sake of politeness and also practicing what you preach etc. etc. The only difference is that I have album new album art since I have lost the full resolution of the old album art. Enjoy. This was a really hard album to create. I was living in San Francisco and I felt very alone. My dog died and I got the impression that my classmates at the university didn't like me so I wrote this album so I may have somewhere to vent my frustrations.

I didn't take my dog's death very well at all. She was my childhood dog that my parent's strategically got for me when I was 8 to help me socialize and become more confident in myself. Having a dog did just that for me. When we had to put her down it destroyed me. I tried to find comfort in strangers that wanted nothing to do with me. I remember crying the hardest I've ever cried over breaking a flower because the symbolism of it's fragility was overwhelming. I was malnourished. I was depressed. It felt like no one wanted to listen. I felt rejected by those I thought were close to me. I remember going on what I thought was a date with a guy who recoiled when I put my hand on his shoulder. I hid some parts really well while I focused on the unimportant aspects of what was wrong. I went to my parents' house every weekend to avoid having to be alone. Towards the end of my time in SF I was looking for fights with anyone over anything. No one took me up on my aggressiveness though. It wasn't all doom and gloom. In those years I met some really fantastic people I still keep in touch with.

Writing these songs really helped. I wrote and wrote and wrote until I found ways to control my depression and work with my grief.

Now I live in Seattle and I am very happy. I found someone who really loves me. I have a really sweet and loving dog. I still sometimes succumb to really dark thoughts but most days have been pleasant.


released November 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Foie Gras San Francisco, California

"Foie Gras is unabashedly loud and mystic, gentle and soft. Guitar driven, she lives at the intersections of secure drone and reimagined Americana, as if Brian Eno and Patsy Cline have committed themselves to an endless and passionate love affair. Wake up, this is where your daughters have wandered off to." ... more

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Track Name: It's Going Down
Hell blessed flesh vessel
Who loves dogs
Mouthfull of blood

Hand full of teeth
and mouth full of fist

I always dreamt it would end quite like this
Track Name: Seen It All
Hope somebody breaks your heart
In the back of an alley

With a baseball bat

So you know
How it feels

Loving you
Track Name: Cliffs (Version 1)
I love your fat booty butt it's really cool!!!!!!!1111oneoneone
Track Name: Hide the T.R.E.A.T.S.
I don’t fall in love anymore
I just stay at home and get real high

I don’t have a dog anymore
so I stay in bed and I cry

I cry and i cry
and when I’m done I sob

but they say it’s better to have lost a dog
than to have never had a dog at all
Track Name: Twisted Euth
Can you hear the heavy breathing it's time to go
Can you see the suffering?
Put me to sleep.
Track Name: Judgement Day
This body is temporary but I will live forever
Picking fights in the back alley but I will live forever
I know I can be quite rough but I will live forever
Don't know how I will but I will live forever

Two black eyes and a cursed mind but I will live forever
Busted lip and fucked up fist but I will live forever

I will live forever

in your blood
Track Name: Do I Know You?
This torch is heavy
and the flame is dull
I throw it against a wall
and burn my house down

This fire inside
It keeps me sane
Unbury your hatchets and come over

I never wanted this
I never wanted this
(Part I)

Yes, come in
ahhh, to be with you
My love
Yeah, I sin
ahhh, oh please sit me with you
Why thank you

The asshole of the world
The ugly I am

Wound you with a shot

An issue will suck me in
Why should I say

He’s not
How could a man be
He’s more than washed out


(part ii)

You are so beautiful to me
Even now you're gone
It haunts me
We stir up trouble
Yes we cause some shit
But you are still beautiful to me

In my life
oh, I will die
but I can't wait to see you
on the other side

I can't wait to meet you
on that other side